4th Sunday Advent – Dec 18, 2022



One Sunday, in a church, the preacher said: “If I had all the beer in the world, I’d take it and throw it all into the river.”

And the congregation shouted, “Amen!”

“And if I had all the wine in the world, I’d take it and throw it in that same river.”

And the congregation shouted, “Amen, Preacher!”

“And if I had all the whiskey and rum in the world, I’d take it all and throw it into that same river.”

Again the congregation shouted, “You preach it Reverend!”

Having been satisfied with the people’s response, the preacher then sat down and the leader of song stood up and said,  “Please rise and join us in our recessional hymn,  ‘We shall all drink from the river.’ ” 

And congregation shouted, “HALLELUJAH!!!”  (upjoke.com)

You know who else shouted out Hallelujah her whole life long?   The Blessed Virgin Mary!


From her I.C. to her Glorious Assumption,   Mary lived out the qualities we all need, so that our own lives may give fitting glory, honor, and praise to our Lord and become a living Hallelujah to his presence among us.

Just what were those hallelujah qualities that Mary demonstrated in her life

(slide 1) First hallelujah quality…..Her rootedness in her religious tradition

  1. She was a Jew, first and foremost, part of the chosen people, inheritor of the covenants & promises of God
  2. Rooted in the scriptures and traditions of the Jewish nation
  3. Would raise her Son in that same religious tradition

What about ourselves?  How well are we rooted in our Catholic religious tradition?

How well do we communicate to the new generation the priceless treasures we’ve

been given as part of church of God?

(slide 2) Second Hallelujah quality…..Faithful obedience/ humility

  1. Goes without saying, Mary believed in God.
  2. Not about her own ideas of how her life would unfold.
  3. Not about resisting the will of God or coming up with alternatives
  4. Joyful acceptance of God’s plan and willingness to trust that God would give her the grace to see it through to the end.

What about ourselves?   How do we see God in our personal lives?

How much faith do we put in God when the chips are down?

Do we listen with faithful obedience to the Lord in the scriptures?

Do we work with the hierarchical structure of the church to advance the K of G?


            (slide 3)  3rd Hallelujah quality….a willingness to serve in whatever capacity was needed

  1. to be married to Joseph
  2. to be a refugee in Egypt
  3. to allow Jesus to go about his mission on earth, even if it would put him

in danger

  1. to suffer with him as he hung on the cross
  2. to proclaim her Son’s resurrection from the dead

How about us?   Are we willing to serve in whatever capacity we’re needed?

Are we willing to do the not so glamourous tasks that sometimes need to be done?

          (slide 4) Fourth Hallelujah quality….Mary was sensitive to the promptings of the

             Holy Spirit

  1. Mary was full of the Holy Spirit!
  2. Her son Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit
  3. Her entire life was one of saying YES to the Holy Spirit, living, working and moving through her.

What about us?   Do we sense the Holy Spirit stirring within us?  Do we allow that Holy Spirit to guide our words and actions each day?   Do we give the Holy Spirit the trust to accomplish in us whatever it is that we’re being called to do?

  1. Rootedness in her religious tradition
  2. Being faithfully obedient
  3. Willing to serve in whatever capacity was needed
  4. Being sensitive to the Promptings/movements of the H.S.

What do they produce?   A beautiful chorus of Hallelujahs to our Emmanuel!





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