Epiphany of the Lord – Jan 1, 2023



Did you hear about the two radio antennas that got married?

They said the wedding was okay, but the reception was awesome!  (from reddit.com/ Zeke 1902)

I hope our reception of the spirit of Christmas is just as awesome!   To help us to obtain that awesomeness of knowing God’s love for us, it might be helpful to think about  a radio.

While we’re driving, we know when a radio station is close-by because it comes in strong and clear!  We also know sometimes how frustrating and hard it can be, at times, to tune into some stations when there’s a lot of interference from the surrounding environment or when weather conditions are bad.

Sometimes, too, when we’re travelling and don’t know what channels are available, we can use a search button to scan all the radio channels in a given vicinity until a channel is detected and then, we can decide whether or not we like that channel’s music or message before searching for the next one.

Like radio waves,  light is just another part of electromagnetic spectrum.  And like radio waves, which are generated when negatively charged electrons move back and forth within a transmitter, creating a field that radiates out at the speed of light,  and eventually hits a receiver, making the electrons vibrate within it to reproduce the original signal, so too, God the Father sent the Light of the World into ours, to enable his Light to shine on us, affecting us deep down.

Well, all of that is what we’re being asked to do today as well!

We’re being invited to tune into the story of the Epiphany…..

1. to journey, along with the magi from the East (not alone, not only with those who are already Christians, ecumenical and interfaith dimension)

2. guided by one shining star in the blackness of space (don’t need much to follow Christ, but focus, and resolve)

3. to search for the Christ Child and his parents (a deliberate, conscious process)

4. to attune our hearts, minds, and souls to that new born baby’s spiritual

Frequency (doing the hard interior work of reflecting on the significance Christ will have

on my life, if I let him.)  (value of life and of the family)

5.  to receive the message his life proclaims to the world.  (openness, receptivity to the HS, kingdom building)  (Not good to keep changing channels, looking for something better.)

6. to give him homage (honor and respect publicly)  (the value of silence and not

speaking,  praying, as a means of tuning into God’s frequency, perspective, vision and


7. to present our gifts and talents to him  (whatever is valuable to us, is what we should give)

8. to liv.. e joyfully in his Kingdom!  (no more doom and gloom, no more bickering, jealousy, or complaining, no more resistance to change and to a transformed life)



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