Consecration of Ukraine & Russia

Pope Francis will be consecrating both Ukraine and Russia to Mary on March 25. The Ukrainian Bishops of Canada are inviting us to unite our hearts to that consecration.  
Join us at Holy Redeemer this Friday March 25 at 12noon as Fr. Sam will pray the words of consecration in solidarity and unison with Pope Francis and the faithful around the world. 
Following the consecration we invite you to continue with us as we join in the Rosary, followed by Mass at 1 PM then exposition of the Blessed Sacrament along with Confessions until 2:30 PM.  Penitents are required to wear a mask.   
Please share and join us in person or online.
If you wish to join in below is a copy of the words of Consecration: 
Consecration EN

Click below for Vatican News: 

VATICAN NEWS on Ukraine & Russia


Ukraine poster with link


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